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Twin Turbo C6 Corvette

One of the flagship vehicles for Calibrated Success, this 2009 LS3 C6 Corvette only stayed stock for about 1500miles. An APS twin turbo kit was added, along with larger injectors, a custom fabricated MAF housing, and some much needed ECU recalibration.  This car was the star of the Advanced GM Tuning DVD where we showed just how flexible the OEM controller was by accurately remapping the boosted region on a normally aspirated base ECU file.  The result was excellent power, stock like drive quality and durability that has stood up to daily driving in a wide range of Michigan weather, three Hot Rod Power Tours, and open track days where the abuse keeps coming for 20 minutes at a time.  It’s still my favorite car for a Saturday afternoon drive or a cross country trip.

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The original dyno sheet:
…and 6.5psi later, we have a couple hundred extra horsepower.

As part of our continued development of training material, the twin turbo C6 was converted to continuous flex fuel capability as featured in our videos. At approximately 112 Octane, E85 allows us to run timing much closer to MBT without risk of knock and engine damage resulting in more power without increasing boost levels. But we increased them anyway. To keep up with this, the fuel system was upgraded to dual (staged) fuel pumps and larger injectors to keep up with the increased demands.

Calibration was a breeze because we started with accurate injector data (from our in-house test bench) and built from the already robust MAF and VVE surfaces. Torque model updates keep everything working smoothly but traction is still a challenge at any legal speed now. The car retains a catalyzed exhaust and all emissions monitors are still able to pass. This car stands as another example of how extreme levels of performance are possible without ruining the emissions.

E85 FlexFuel option enabled. Making high octane available all over the place.
Daily driver (in good weather) making friends all over the place.

Here’s how to get some funny looks in traffic. Real time emissions testing using our Mini-PEMS system lets us find areas in the calibration that can be improved after modifications like adding the twin turbo system. This is not your average dyno shop tuning procedure.

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