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Fuel Injector Characterization

With today’s modern control systems, a simple clean and flow static test just doesn’t cut it any more.  Calibrated Success has the ability to test fuel injectors to the SAE J1832 standard and deliver calibration ready data in a useful format to the client.  Dynamic flow tests are run at a wide range of pulsewidths and voltages to truly characterize the injectors’ behavior from the point of opening, through the nonlinear range, up into linear and static flow.  The results allow the engine calibrator to simply plug in the data and work with confidence knowing that fuel mass delivery is “as modeled” and concentrate his efforts where they belong.

SAE_J1832 Injector_tips_compare ASNU_Spray_pattern_check SAT CURRENT Injector_selection Flow_vs_pressure Offset_vs_volts GM small pulse adjust

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