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Public Speaking

There is no sleeping during one of these talks. Go ahead and try, but you may become the focus of everyone’s attention. Don’t worry, it’s the job of the speaker to keep you engaged in the first place. This is what Greg Banish does on stage. It doesn’t matter if it’s a trade show, private training event, or industry technical conference. Capturing the interest of the audience starts with bringing some energy and is best served with pragmatic delivery of relevant information. Doing so with confidence makes for a great audience experience.

Greg brings a very dynamic, slightly unfiltered approach to his public speaking engagements. Blending a unique combination of background experiences from inside OEMs, the high performance industry and life as a die hard performance enthusiast helps him deliver powerful presentations and keep audiences engaged. Examples may come from 1065 compliant test laboratories, client work, the race track, or his own garage, whatever is needed to illustrate the point. Presentations are clean and easily understood by audiences ranging from high school to post graduate. Occasional humor and practical examples drive home the point in a way that attendees remember for years.

Joining a panel discussion is not for the faint of heart. Greg thinks quickly and is able to field questions from the panel and audience members alike with thought provoking responses. As a true independent consultant, he is not bound by a single corporate agenda. Pulling from his experience on both sides of many important issues to the performance and emissions industry, he is able to deliver candid responses that address many long unanswered questions.

Daily and conference rates available. See Greg’s SpeakerHub page HERE. Contact Greg directly at for more information on how to have him join or lead your next conference, panel, or training event.

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