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When is your next class?

If we don’t have it posted on this website, make sure you check our Facebook page!  Even if you’re not looking for a class schedule, follow us on Facebook anyway.  We try to keep it interesting.

How do I sign up for a class?

Simple, just send me an email ( that includes the class date, your full name, address, and phone number.  I will use this to update the class roster and you’ll get a payment request once I receive your info.  Your payment is what holds the spot in the class.  First paid, first reserved until I hit the class size limit.

What is your cancellation policy?

You are paying for a spot in a class that has limited capacity.  If you have paid and cannot attend, I require prior notice at least two weeks in advance for a full refund (less any PayPal or bank fees).  Cancellations less than two weeks prior are eligible for a 50% refund (less fees) and anyone who simply doesn’t show up without notice forfeits their payment.   If you must cancel due to an emergency, please contact me ASAP and I’ll work with you to reschedule you into a future session or obtain the appropriate refund.

Why don’t you have more classes listed?

As much as I love seeing your guys in person and watching the light bulb go on over your head, this is not the only thing I do for a living. Most of my work is “behind the scenes” with clients, filming new video segments, developing course material or writing the occasional book. The day job takes priority, so I schedule classes when I have time available between my primary work and family life.

How can I attend a class closer to me?

I can bring these classes pretty much anywhere we have enough interest and the proper equipment.  This means a minimum of 8 people for a basic class or 6 people for an advanced class paid in full prior to confirming the date/location within the continental United States.  We will also need a load bearing dynamometer and working test vehicle.  If you are a shop or have a local group that’s able to meet these requirements, you’ll get priority on class scheduling.  I simply can’t afford to fly across the country (on my days off) to only teach two people without charging for my travel.  If you would like personalized one-on-one training at your shop, please let me know and I can give you a quote.

Which class is right for me?

If you work on a wide variety of controllers, I strongly recommend the “Secrets of EFI Calibration” course.  This course covers topics that can be applied to just about any EFI system you’ll run across.  Both standalone controllers (like the Megasquirt, FAST, BigStuff3, DFI, MoTec, etc.) and factory reflashing systems (like SCT, HPTuner, EFILive, Hondata, Cobb, etc ) are discussed.  We cover both MAF and speed density theory and practical examples here along with fundamental tips that will make tuning part throttle and idle control much easier on just about any system.  Even experienced shop owners will learn a great deal from this class.

If you work exclusively on GM or Ford products, the DVDs are for you.  The content in these discs was born from my original live advanced tuning classes.  Essentially, you are getting the advanced class material for a fraction of the price, while also saving travel expenses.

I have opened up a one-day advanced topics class.  This is more of a catch-all for things beyond basic air/fuel/spark control.  Each one of these classes will be a bit different since there’s no set agenda.  The class is driven exclusively by the questions from the audience.  We dive into topics that are of concern to those attending and break them down to the underlying fundamental concepts so that the lessons can be applied to almost any modern ECU.

What should I bring to the class with me?

All you really need is a reliable pen and willingness to learn.  A handheld pocket size calculator (or smart phone) is also helpful since there is some light math involved.  All class students are provided with a hard copy of the presentation to take notes on.  You will be able to write or draw directly on the slides just as I do during the class.  While you do not need to bring your own laptop and software, many students find it useful to open up the tables in their particular tuning system as they are discussed in the class.

Do I have to take the Basic Course before entering your Advanced Classes?

No. Everyone is welcome to jump right into the advanced classes, but please understand that the focus of these courses is no longer the fundamentals of airflow estimation or injector behavior.  It’s important to understand these concepts and procedures prior to tackling more involve subjects like Electronic Throttle Control or equation-based VE estimation (“Virtual VE” tables) that are covered in detail in the advanced classes.  The less time we spend reviewing the basics in these advanced classes, the more time we can spend on the hard stuff.  I recommend the basic course or my GM Beginner’s Guide DVD as a primer to get the most out of your experience.

Can I buy your Books or DVD directly from Calibrated Success?

Detroit Technical Media is our online sales point. If you want a physical copy of one of our discs, this is the place to buy direct.

If you just can’t wait and want to learn NOW, we have a solution for you too. Check out our streaming video site at CarTrainingOnline to get instant delivery of all of our video content, along with many new modules that aren’t on the DVD collection.

Can I just buy your injector data sheets without the DVD?

No.  It’s not that I’m being greedy, but rather that I consider the process of tuning shown in the DVD every bit as important as the raw data itself.  I have already had too many questions from people trying to implement the raw data included with the disc that are answered in the DVD itself.  If you bought the DVD for the data, I thank you but please also take the time to watch the instructional part.  You’ll find that the training is worth just as much (if not more!) than the raw data included.  Teach a man to fish, right?

Will you take a look at my tune and log file?

While I enjoy helping people solve tuning-related issues, I just don’t have the time to dig into every single one that comes through my Inbox.  Please don’t be offended if I can’t get back with you on this, as I already split my time between two jobs, a family, and some meager form of recreation.  I try to participate in several public forums along with my students, and you’ll likely have much better response there from others who have also been through my training.

Will you tune my personal car?

I have tuned literally thousands of cars over the years and tried to work many of the lessons learned into my books, DVD, and classroom materials.  I would much rather see you learn how to tune than just do it for you.  (Teach a man to fish, remember?) As I said above, my schedule is pretty demanding and that doesn’t leave me with much time for individual tuning projects.  It becomes complicated very quickly when trying to coordinate your schedule with both mine and that of a local dyno shop where the work will be performed.  More often than not, we find some issues while on the dyno that require the assistance of a workshop, so it’s usually best to just work directly with a dyno shop in the first place.

My company needs help with a project. Can we hire you?

Absolutely. I routinely work with corporate clients on projects ranging from emissions certification to performance development. A word of caution here: my approach has always been to put more focus on teaching you and finding the root cause of a challenge. Please don’t expect me to fly in and “magically fix” the problem car on hand. Too often, we find other issues (ignition system, fuel delivery, unknown throttle bodies, bad gas, you name it) that get in the way of performing a one-day calibration miracle when you should really be using our time together to either learn how to calibrate ALL vehicles better or better define the work plan for the project at hand. Email me directly at with your contact details and some information about how I can help.

We’re struggling to pass emissions at the SEMA Garage, what do we do now?

Don’t panic, help is available. I have worked on many emissions compliant programs over years. Often, this involved taking a failing vehicle and getting it clean enough to pass with the proper calibration adjustments. I can work with your company either at your facility or one of the SEMA garage locations to help zero in on the cause of your emissions concern and help your team improve those tailpipe numbers.

How can I get ahold of you?

Please be patient.  I have a day job, family, and lots of commitments.  I don’t always sit on top of my email inbox waiting for it to ding at me.  That said, greg@calibratedsuccess will get you there.

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