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Industry Jobs and Recruiting

Matching qualified candidates with dream jobs.

Calibrators, not tooners.

A proper approach is key.

The difference between calibration and tuning comes down to science. Making big power is easy, passing emissions while doing it is not. If you would rather take a measurement, make a calculated change, and make precise adjustments rather than “add some more”, you’re in the right place.

Work Ethic

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and complete calibrations don’t happen in 30 minutes. Experience with testing the vehicle system in a wide range of steady state, transient, and environmental conditions leads to a more robust calibration delivery and better customer experience. The willingness to continue this testing until optimization has been found makes the difference here.

Understanding the theory

If you take the time to learn how the various controls are connected, can read C code or Simulink, and can visualize how one subsystem affects another, you’re in the right place. Tuners dismiss “useless theory” as a waste of time, smart calibrators know how to save time by taking a moment to understand the system.

Experience beyond the ordinary

The best calibrators have seen more than one or two engines. Lessons learned on some applications are often transferred to new challenges. The best calibrators are not one trick ponies, but have seen a wide range of situations where they are constantly challenged. The dirt under their fingernails from their own projects expands their knowledge base beyond the typical 9-5 engineer.

Get Connected


If you feel like you blow the criteria above out of the water, send us your resume. We will confidentially keep you in our talent pool for future opportunities with some of the best companies making the coolest stuff on Earth. We also occasionally have a need for experienced calibrators on a per-project basis where you can get paid to play with some really cool projects.


Are you looking for vetted candidates to fill an immediate need? We are continuously in contact with some of the smartest calibration minds out there. Ranging from experienced OEM calibration engineers to grizzled veterans of the high performance industry. Our talent pool is motivated, flexible, and ready to tackled anything you can throw at them. Placement fees are competitive and contingent upon your success.

Let’s change your future together.

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