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Private Training

Aimed primarily at the shop owner or technical school, this training allows us to tailor the material directly to areas of interest to the client. We offer one-on-one training for shop owners who cannot afford to drop everything and leave town for several days just to attend a live class. Instead, you can have the world’s best training come right to your location and answer your questions without interruption.

Course material for this private training is very flexible, ranging from introductory to advanced discussions of modern torque controlled ECUs, all depending upon your needs and time available. As emissions enforcement becomes more widespread, it’s also important to learn how to not only make power, but do so responsibly and have the tailpipe measurements to prove it.



Correctly performing steady state measurements allows the calibrator to zero in on emissions concerns before ever getting to an expensive EPA or CARB certified test facility.
Modern torque based control systems have multiple layers of complexity. Getting all of them right to deliver good drive quality at advanced power levels can be very difficult. It’s even harder if you’re doing it wrong. We help fix that.

Whenever working with a shop owner, I remember what it was like when I ran my own business. Investing in proper training should set you up to not only deliver high quality vehicle calibrations, but also do so more profitably. Calibrated Success has the experience to help you make sure your business thrives for years to come after working with us. Discussions often involve more than just ECU calibration. Our first hand experience in turning around showroom sales, customer scheduling, workshop layout, dynamometer cell operation, and regulatory compliance have effects for year after year. Training with us is an investment in your future that will continue to pay dividends long after our work together.

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One of our favorite partners, Redline Motorsports, remains a great example of “doing it right” when it comes to dyno cell and workshop layout.
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