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All the fundamentals of EFI Calibration (and tuning, I guess) can now be found in one definitive video series from Calibrated Success.  Our Advanced Tuning Series clearly demonstrates the underlying concepts that can be applied to ANY fuel injected project.  Focusing on the core science with a very practical, hands-on approach, we bring these critical lessons to life in a high definition video format that you can absorb from the comfort of your couch or shop counter.  Shot entirely in HD, these BluRay discs show clearer than ever the critical steps behind understanding vehicle setup, fuel systems, airflow, and spark calibration.

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Calibrated Success has taken its live classroom experience and bottled it.  Well, wrapped it at least.  Now you can learn from the comforts of your home, office, garage, shop, or favorite poolside cabana with these DVDs.  Each was born from the content that originally made up the Advanced GM and Ford training classes that were much more expensive.  Now you can save on not only travel costs, but the training as well.  Follow along as Greg Banish walks step by step through the calibration process on several popular applications, explaining everything in plain English.  High school math and physics are applied in real world scenarios as engine controls are adjust successfully the first time.  No village wisdom, no “trust me, I’ve been doing it this way for years and everyone on the forum thinks I’m a swell guy”, just good solid science leading to the proper solution without any B.S. from an OEM calibration engineer.

GM Beginner's Guide

GM Beginner’s Guide

GM Advanced Guide

GM Advanced Guide

GM GenV Guide

Advanced Ford Tuning

Advanced Ford Tuning

BUY NOW from Detroit Technical Media

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