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Our Advanced GM Calibration course is aimed at experienced professionals who already have a significant amount of time under their belt tuning late model GM vehicles. We skip right past “how to use the software” and dive right into topics that really impact your ability to deliver consistent, clean and powerful engine controls. Class sizes are intentionally limited to make sure that each attendee has the opportunity to speak up and find the answers to questions they have come up with prior to attending. With more focus on the science of how these complex controls work, demonstrations are more focused on how we dig into the root cause of issues and understand how the ECU executes control. Topics include (but are not limited to) air charge estimation of various GM operating systems, torque based throttle and boost control, modern transmission control, and emissions. The course is presented, as always, by an engineer with first hand OEM experience that has the right background to answer almost any question brought forward by the students correctly.

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I can’t put into words how thankful I am that you have given me the opportunity to learn from you. Over the year I have ran into many road block and dead ends where nobody credible is willing to share their knowledge. I’ve already applied the lessons I learned on two cars with great success since arriving back at home.  
Coming in I wasn’t sure what I was going to learn and I was worried after the first day since we only covered basics.  In the end I understand what you wanted us to learn.
-Roger Fuentes, two days after attending the Advanced GM Training course

Added in 2017, our “Emissions for Performance Calibrators” class finally answers many of the questions we’ve encountered from our industry partners and clients over the years.  Let’s face it, our industry is an easy target when it comes to compliance with the Clean Air Act.  For years, we have always maintained that high performance and emissions compliance are not mutually exclusive.  We’ve even worked on performance products from both the OEM and aftermarket certification sides.  This class brings years of experience to the product manufacturer, shop tuner, enthusiast, or calibration engineer looking to deliver CARB legal calibrations for high performance systems and vehicles.  Common failure points are examined while testing procedures and standards are explained in plain English.


The “Secrets of EFI Calibration” is my most flexible, directly applicable class for almost anyone interested in spark ignited engine controls and performance.  The lessons shown in this class can be easily aligned with almost any engine or control system out there.  I don’t teach any secret ninja moves from the government, just solid applied physics and high school math.  You’d be surprised just how far those can take you.  While I have several public sessions open per year as my schedule allows, I can also bring this class to a private setting if your company/school has an interest in hosting it.

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