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Calibrated Success provides EFI tuning, training, and consulting services to the performance industry.  With over 20 years of experience in both OEM engineering and aftermarket performance, Calibrated Success is uniquely prepared to provide the best tuning and performance consulting in the industry.  With so many training options out there today, it’s tough to know who to trust.  Simply put there’s no replacement for the technical knowledge that comes from a formal mechanical engineering education (book smarts) and full time employment as an OEM calibration engineer or seat time actually tuning high performance cars (street smarts) of many different hardware, software and dyno combinations.  These are earned over years of dedication and Calibrated Success brings a lot of both with a good dose practicality.  Going beyond the “This is how we’ve always done it” aftermarket approach is absolutely necessary with today’s complex control systems, and a strong fundamental knowledge is a requirement for getting the best results out of any EFI system today.  Classes are fun and friendly, where students are encouraged to interact throughout the program and ask questions any time.

In today’s world of ever more stringent emissions and enforcement, getting the engine to run properly is no longer optional. The LEVIII emissions standards are no joke.  The only way to pass now is to make sure that the entire control system is working as originally designed.  Many of the shortcuts that the high performance industry used to rely upon are longer getting the job done. Passing emissions now means doing a thorough job of mapping an ECU to the hardware combination at every step. We work with other shop owners, software companies, manufacturers, and enthusiasts to get the most out of their tuning time and resources.  Nobody becomes an expert overnight, but the first step is getting the right knowledge and support.  One hundred horsepower or a thousand, we can help.

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Don’t believe us, hear what our clients are saying:

“Greg doesn’t just teach you how to get to the end result you want, he helps you understand the entire control system.  The “why” of the calibration changes are just as important so you may consistently arrive at the desired outcome.  In the short term this is more painful but it ultimately teaches you to be a much better calibrator.  CSI’s consulting services have been essential to VMP achieving it’s performance and emissions-compliance goals. “

Justin Starkey, President VMP Tuning

“In the calibration world you are always learning and in need of the latest training because of OEMs always changing strategies and logic for their control systems. I have taken 5 classes from Greg over the years (15) to keep current on those strategies. His background working for different OEMs as a calibrator made it an easy choice to pick his classes because of the mass knowledge he has acquired over the years from them. He also is an avid Performance Nut like the rest of us giving him an advantage over other avenues of training. I would highly recommend his training as I think he is one of the few out there that has the Calibration knowledge and has a Real World thought process that allows you to go beyond the OEM  strategies  especially with the crazy combinations we put together that are far beyond the OEM world and getting the calibration to work seamlessly.”

Geoff Skorupa, Next Level Performance

We have used Greg to train our staff on the proper methodology for EFI tuning during our engine/part new product development programs, and he has always been very helpful, insightful, and methodical in his teaching methods and tuning.  Greg is incredibly sharp and has been a great resource for our Team over the years.

Al Noe, Summit Racing Equipment

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