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Curriculum Development

Over the years, Calibrated Success has presented many different classes on a wide range of subjects affecting the automotive and mobility industries. Our focus remains on engine performance, emissions and vehicle integration. As an industry subject matter expert with decades of practical experience, practical examples are used to link the theoretical instruction with real world implementation that will stick with the students for years to come. Considering the audience, each presentation is tailored to deliver a specific message. Using this approach, we are able to work with educators to either revise and update their current class offerings or even help them put together a new course from scratch.

Courses may be developed for delivery by your school’s staff or Greg Banish is available as a guest lecturer at your location. Get started by emailing to make an appointment.

Greg Banish speaking to senior mechanical engineering students at Kettering University.
High school level physics being properly applied to a modern vehicle calculation. Examples are engaging for the target audience.
Sure this is college level material, but it can be presented in such a way that is easily explained to most students. Blending thermodynamics with a little hot rodding fun makes it easier to keep their attention.
Walking students through every step of critical ECU calculations doesn’t have to be difficult.
Practical examples are used to bring interest to difficult topics. With multiple instruction points from a single presentation slide.
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