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Are you looking for an unfair advantage for your company in a competitive market? Do you want real return on your investment from staff training or outside expertise? Sourcing the right help makes all the difference.

I have worked with companies in the OEM, high performance, marine, utility vehicle, and racing industries on a wide range of projects.  If it involves spark ignited engines, boosting systems, emissions, engine/vehicle performance, electrification, or controls calibration, I may be able to help.  With significant experience in producing training films, we can also deliver high quality product instruction videos as well. Most of my clients see payback on their investment with me within MONTHS, not years. My goal is to quickly bring your team or project up to a new level that will continue to serve your bottom line for years to come.

We see our best results from clients who get involved early in the product development cycle. If I work with your team from the start on a project, I can save large amounts of time, resources, and ultimately money by helping to define the scope of a project and make a work plan that keeps everything on track toward the ultimate goal. By using a data driven approach, we can identify the right hardware changes to make that will lead to a final calibration process that goes quickly and smoothly. This leads to a final product that performs consistently for the customer. We often find that we identify the real limitations during the calibration process and companies are able to develop far superior product systems by using these discoveries to their advantage in the marketplace.

What NOT to expect from “consulting”:   Unfortunately, I have had several clients over the years contact me for consulting or training, when they were really looking either an employee or miracle worker. While we often use a vehicle that the client has on hand for training, sometimes we find that they have selected the most complex case possible for basic training exercises or, worse yet, a vehicle that needs more than just calibration adjustments. Unknown parts (injectors, throttle bodies, sensors, etc), mechanical problems (failed engines, vacuum leaks, fouled plugs, etc) or just not enough time to perform the many layers of calibration work needed to do a job properly means that we often cannot plan on having out session double as a means to hurry up and fix that vehicle that just can’t seem to leave the shop. During our initial conversations, we will discuss a plan to make sure you get the most out of your investment with Calibrated Success.

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My experience goes beyond just spark plugs, gasoline and tailpipes. I was the primary fuel economy calibration engineer on the original Chevrolet Volt hybrid control processor. As such, I spent years investigating the balance between engine and electric propulsion systems to improve the strategies used to deliver the customer with the best possible fuel economy while respecting the limits for emissions, component protections, NVH, drive quality and other factors. Later, with the Lotus Engineering team, I also led discussions on range extended electric vehicles and other electrification projects. Simply put, hybrids don’t scare me and EVs are actually even simpler.

Email me directly to schedule a meeting:

Oh look, they saved me a space for my test vehicle.
Doing recycling things with the hybrid prototype once they were cleared for public roads.
How does your vehicle run up here? Have you tested it?

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