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Calibrated Success offers both public live classes and private closed door training sessions:

Secrets of EFI Calibration: A two-day intensive course covering the basic principles behind calibration. In this course you will learn some of what we call the “universal truths” of fuel injection. These lessons can be applied to just about any ECU today because they focus on the underlying principles of airflow, fuel injector behavior, and engine needs with respect to ignition timing under various conditions. It doesn’t matter if the target ECU is a modern LEVIII compliant family sedan or an 8-second drag machine running a standalone, commonalities are highlighted between all that keep the audience engaged throughout the course. Live on-dyno demonstrations bring these lessons to life.

Advanced EFI Tuning: Working on a specific control system or ECU? This is where we get a chance to go beyond the basics and dive into the many layers of control. Torque based systems, traction control interaction, transmission messaging and needs can be addressed in an atmosphere where questions are encouraged and answered together as the class learns a solid approach that can be used for years to come.

Emissions Calibration: Pressures upon the high performance industry continue to mount as a result of a few bad actors bringing unwanted attention to our highly visible niche. Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of room for the performance enthusiast and shop owner to exist in an emissions compliant world. Testing methods and regulations are covered along with strategies used by OEM calibration engineers to help make some of the most difficult engine combinations clean up their tailpipe numbers.


Project specific consultation:¬† Looking to make sure you haven’t left anything on the table with a current project? Struggling to pass emissions? Want to improve the efficiency of your testing group? Want to increase your showroom sales or educate your staff to better field customer questions? All valid reasons to contact us and start the discussion.

Curriculum Development: We do more than just teach our own classes. We teach the teachers. We can set your team up to deliver powerful presentations and structure laboratory experiments that will literally drive home the lecture lessons from the classroom.

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