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The Coyote Cobra (formerly known as the EcoBoost Cobra)


What happens when you decide a 4.6L DOHC engine is just too big and heavy?  This project represents a “downsizing” project.  As is commonly seen on OEM offerings, a smaller turbocharged engine displaces a large (less efficient) naturally aspirated engine, while still delivering a great driving experience.  In this case, a 2.5L DOHC I-4 equipped with a single turbo is the stunt double for our V-8.  The initial goal is to deliver the same rating of 305hp at the flywheel on premium pump gas, with more in store for the future.  Oh, and it weighs 250# less too.  All of that reduction came off the front axle for a final 51/49 weight distribution and only 3180lbs total with an added roll bar, stereo, and full interior…


Update: IT RUNS!!!!  Make sure you follow the project on the EcoBoostCobra FaceBook page.


Spoiler alert: the turbocharged Duratech ended up making about 330HP at the flywheel.  This was achieved on premium pump gas and 11psi of boost.



After driving the turbocharged I4 combination for a while, we got used to the nimble (3180# curb weight!) handling and that Maximum Motorsports suspension. But we wanted more. As seems to be the tradition lately with Ford swaps, the Coyote engine was the most popular option. We have selected a take-out 2012 5.0L GT engine as our donor. The SN95 hydraboost system is retained by adding a KRC power steering pump kit, and our local exhaust expert helped us fabricate a new system that retained the factory catalytic convertors and O2 sensors for an emissions compliant swap. Look for more of this combination in our advanced Ford training videos.

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