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The EcoBoost Cobra


What happens when you decide a 4.6L DOHC engine is just too big and heavy?  This project represents a “downsizing” project.  As is commonly seen on OEM offerings, a smaller turbocharged engine displaces a large (less efficient) naturally aspirated engine, while still delivering a great driving experience.  In this case, a 2.5L DOHC I-4 equipped with a single turbo is the stunt double for our V-8.  The initial goal is to deliver the same rating of 305hp at the flywheel on premium pump gas, with more in store for the future.  Oh, and it weighs 250# less too.  All of that reduction came off the front axle for a final 51/49 weight distribution and only 3180lbs total with an added roll bar, stereo, and full interior…


Update: IT RUNS!!!!  Make sure you follow the project on the EcoBoostCobra FaceBook page.

We’ll be hitting the dyno before too long.  We’re just tidying up a bunch of loose ends (wires) first.  This car will be a great training demonstrator, as we’re already loving the real time adjustments in our MS3Pro ECU.



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