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Where Do I Find That Table?

See how different, but similar many tuning packages and OEMs are.  Different software packages, but the same functions exist in there somewhere.  It’s really just the layout and locations that differ the most when you are working on the fundamentals of tuning many applications.

Are All Fuel Injectors Created Equal?

Are all “24#/hr injectors” the same?  Definitely not.  Read this article and learn more about why we sweat the details when changing injectors and making sure the calibration tables get the exact data to match them before we even try to start the engine.


Still not sure how I stand on the debate about unknown injectors?  Read this article and get a better idea of just how wrong things can go if you believe the wrong ASSumptions.

Adapting Fuel Injector Data with a Manifold Referenced Fuel Pressure Regulator

With the release of a whole new batch of fuel injector characterization data for some of our clients, we got some questions from the shops and users. The most popular by far were centered around what to do when converting the fuel system to use a good aftermarket regulator. This article gives solid background and easy answers to the calibration fixes required.

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