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Calibrated Success Fuel Injector Test Bench Now Supports 9 Different Plug and Play Data Formats

Calibrated Success continues to set the bar for calibration data.

With our latest update to the online data processing tool, we have added support for additional output formats. Direct plug and play data can now be generated on demand for Subaru, Honda, Mitsubishi, and Nissan ECUs from the same raw data collection using our bench.

We have also refined our existing formats with improvements in accuracy and added scaled flow values for GM tuners working with high flow rate injectors in the limited ECUs.

Click on our Fuel Injector Test Bench page and scroll down to view sample files in each format to see exactly what you get from the online tool. Results are available in just minutes, delivered direct to your inbox for easy distribution to your users or copying into your tuning software in house.

Starting with accurate fuel injector characterization data has proven to save hours of valuable dyno time during the calibration process. Calibrated Success been demonstrating this for over 17 years and now you can have the critical (and ACCURATE) data in just minutes for a single injector set and ECU using our tools.