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Streaming Training Videos Now Online


We are excited to announce that all of our current training videos are now available for immediate streaming.  Even better, we have broken the longer videos up into smaller segments (each with a lower cost!) to pace your training as you wish.  We also have a few NEW videos on there for the GenV crowd and a lot more to come for everyone.

This will be the new home for all our training videos going forward, so hop on over to check it out.

Click Here to go to the Streaming Site

GM GenV Training is now available.

Finally, the instruction you’ve been waiting for is done.  Check out our latest video covering the modern GM Direct Injection engines with their torque based electronic throttle control.  LT1, LT4, LT5, L83, they all run the new DI controls featuring completely new injector, fuel pump, and throttle control systems.  Don’t worry, we break it down in plain English and show some practical examples (using four-digit horsepower!) of how you can learn to calibrate your own projects with confidence on this new system.  Don’t be intimidated.  You might be surprised how well these systems can work if you take the time to tune them properly.  The video is available NOW from our partners at Detroit Technical Media.