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2023 UC-Riverside OSAR Conference – Free Live Stream Coming

After presenting to scientists and agencies at the recent OSAR (On Board Sensing and Reporting) conference at UC-Riverside, I am pleased to announce that I will be hosting a free live webinar to present to the public as well. This short talk briefly discusses the core functionality of the OBD-II and a few different ways that we measure in-use vehicle emissions. See how gross polluters and defeat devices are easily identified and learn what tools are available to start gathering local data that can indicate that a car is running clean. Parts manufacturers can use this to better prepare for CARB E.O. certification testing and increase their chances of passing on the first visit. Smaller shops can rest easier knowing that their work is less likely to draw the unwanted attention of enforcement personnel with affordable testing options. The goal is to continue the discussion of how high-performance shops and enthusiasts can continue to enjoy their cars while demonstrating emissions compliance in years to come.

This free webinar will be held on Friday, April 21, 2023 via Zoom. <– Click here to add to your calendar!

This session will also be recorded for later viewing on our streaming site over at as a $0 video there.

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