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Personalized Training Opportunities

Whether your goal for 2023 is to improve your knowledge of EFI systems, improve the quality of calibration work you are doing, or make your shop more profitable by saving time while tuning, we have you covered. Instead of taking time away from work to travel, we can bring the classroom to your laptop with individual 1-on-1 training sessions available over Zoom. This lets you see the same material, speak directly with Greg Banish, and ask you questions along the way without interruptions. you get personalized training tailored to exactly what you want to learn, all without booking a flight or leaving your shop.

Topics are not limited to existing class materials either. If you are familiar with the underlying concepts, we can go MUCH deeper than most most trainers are prepared to go. Once it’s clear that you understand how the system works, we can look at practical examples to see the ECU in action. You can bring your own calibrations, datalogs, and screen share so we can examine them together and figure out exactly what is happening as you learn lessons that will serve you for years to come.

Signing up couldn’t be easier. Just email directly to and we’ll find a time slot that works. Cost is $225/hr for the world’s best calibration training brought right to your own office.

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